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Continuous Learning & Continuous Development

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Reskilling & Upskilling
Add new roles and craftsmanship
Distinct grow programs
Stay Relevant

Letting go

Say goodbye with love
Demonstrated craftsmanship
Craftsmanship passport
Add-on to resume for insights to new employers

The world has changed and continues to change

The pace of technology adoption is expected to remain undiminished.

Automation is creating a ‘double-disruption’ scenario for workers.

Employers expect to offer reskilling and upskilling over 70% of their employees by 2025.

The window of opportunity to reskill and upskill workers has become shorter.

The employee and the organization must participate in the rat race of the technology. The technological revolution has only just begun and technology itself is developing at an extremely fast pace. Long-term development projects are therefore almost useless and are often overtaken by reality. Being able to respond quickly and adequately to changes ensures that employees and organizations remain relevant.

That is the essence of why we built the CareerTracker platform. A platform that provides insight into current and desired knowledge and skills with competence-oriented development options.

We facilitate CL/CD (Continuous Learning and Continuous Development)

Online portal for professionals and organizations to stay relevant

Recognizable questions for professionals

Mix and match with your current information

Flexible and adjustable

Competence Based Development Programs

Happy people better results

Continuous Learning & Continuous Development

Algorithm mapping skills to different roles

Strategic Workforce Management

Grow and prosper

Craftsmanship Passport for the professional

Easy to use for internal mobility

Add-on to resume for insights to new employers

Performance Management

Employees, managers and HR are facilitated by CareerTracker with insights on a personal and organizational level. No complicated quasi-psychological questions or 20 check questions, but straight forward and based on the maturity of the professionals. This makes performance management fun and accessible.

CareerTracker makes the work of managers, coaches and HRM employees easier.
By looking at the professional from a broad perspective, the organization can provide the professional with maximum support to remain relevant.

Not only soft skills, but also look at the hard skills or which education is necessary.

About us

Gerrit Jan Straatsma

Over 20 years experience in software architecture, software development and team management.

Maarten van Dalen

Over 20 years experience in the development of IT professionals.