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You want to  gain new knowledge, so you will delve into the matter. You want to achieve your goals within a certain time. And you start by gaining knowledge and despite the fact that you find it all very interesting, the BAU, Business as usual, eats up all the time again. Meetings, mail, etc. determine your work rhythm. And shit again not consciously worked on your own growth and to help you achieve your learning goal you can hire or deploy a personal assistant. We choose the latter because that is now very easy. In order to use the personal assistant properly, it is important to give the right instructions, which are also called prompt. With the right prompts, you can get insane results from ChatGPT. Here are and will be all kinds of training courses.

I’ve told you before: the best prompt trainer is ChatGPT itself!

Using Prompts to meet learning objectives

i then ask ChatGPt the following:

Prompt → Can you give a list of 10 useful prompts for ChatGPT how I can develop my personal learning.

  • “What are some effective study strategies I can use to improve my learning?”
  • “Can you suggest some resources or tools that can help me remember information better while studying?”
  • “How can I develop a better understanding of complex concepts in a particular field?”
  • “What are some techniques to overcome procrastination and stay motivated while studying?”
  • “Can you recommend time management strategies that help me balance my studies with other responsibilities?”
  • “What are some effective ways to review and reinforce information I’ve already learned?”
  • “How can I optimize my learning environment for maximum productivity and focus?”
  • “What are some techniques to deal with distractions and maintain concentration while studying?”
  • “What are some ways to identify and overcome gaps in my knowledge or understanding of a topic?”
  • “Can you suggest some methods for taking effective notes and organizing information while studying?”

You can do this for any subject and so you get a personal assistant.

Here is an example about 360° feedback


I want to learn about giving and getting 360° feedback in the next 3 months. Generate a structured curriculum with resources, timelines, and milestones.


Of course, here’s a structured curriculum with resources, timelines, and milestones to help you learn about giving and getting 360° feedback over the next 3 months:

Week 1: Introduction to 360° feedback

Explore what 360° feedback is and how it differs from traditional feedback.

Identify the pros and cons of 360° feedback.

Read articles and watch videos on best practices for giving and receiving 360° feedback.


“What is 360 degree feedback?” by HRZone

“How to Give and Receive 360° Feedback” by Harvard Business Review


Develop an understanding of what 360° feedback is and why it can be useful.

Week 2-3: Planning and preparation

Choose who you want to receive feedback from.

Choose the right 360° feedback tool or questionnaire.

Prepare mentally and emotionally for the feedback process.

Schedule time for feedback sessions


“How to Choose the Right 360° Feedback Tool” by TalentCulture.

“Preparing for 360° feedback” by MindTools.


Choose a feedback tool and prepare mentally and emotionally for the feedback process.

Week 4-6: Give feedback

Learn how to give constructive feedback.

Understand how to frame feedback in a way that is productive and useful.

Practice giving feedback to others.


“The Art of Giving (and Receiving) Feedback” by Harvard Business Review

“How to Give 360° Feedback” by MindTools


Successfully provide feedback to at least one person using the 360° feedback tool.

Week 7-8: Feedback received

Learn how to receive feedback in a constructive way.

Understand how to use feedback to make positive changes.

Practice receiving feedback from others.


“How to receive 360° feedback” by MindTools

“How to Use 360° Feedback” by Harvard Business Review


Successfully receive feedback from at least one person using the 360° feedback tool.

Week 9-12: Refinement and Optimization

Think about the feedback you’ve received and identify areas for improvement.

Develop a plan for making positive changes based on the feedback.

Constantly practice giving and receiving feedback to improve your skills.


“What to do with your 360° feedback” by Harvard Business Review

“The Power of Continuous Feedback Loops” by Harvard Business Review


Develop a plan for making positive changes based on the feedback you’ve received and implement the plan.

By following this structured curriculum, you should have a good foundation of knowledge about giving and receiving 360° feedback in three months. Don’t forget to be open-minded and use the feedback to improve yourself!


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