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The new way of working: from task based to instruction based

With the advent of smart personal assistants, you no longer have to worry about the task itself and much more about the outcome. So it’s no longer about the task itself, but much more about how you’re going to give the instruction. In your personal life and professional work.

Let me give you an example: You want to go out for dinner with your wife. You ask your assistant for restaurants with Japanese cuisine. Based on the different choices, you and your assistant make a reservation. After that, your wife will be invited and there will be an appointment in your calendar. If desired, the assistant can book another taxi.

The outcome is to go out for dinner together, the task is carried out by your assistant.

So it’s important to know why you’re giving an instruction.

Let’s start on a personal level.

Your new BFF

In short, you’re getting a new friend.

A friend that understands you better than your current friends.

The new way of working: from task based to instruction based

This is because you will be interacting a lot with your new friend. You do this in your own language and tone. As a result, your assistant gets to know you very well. Remembers everything and speaks to you with words and phrases that suit you. A personal assistant who is always there for you. Who will take tasks off your hands, which you can motivate and stimulate. An assistant who can coach you. Based on your data points and there are a lot of datapoints!

A lot is also going to change in your professional life. It is expected that every position will have to deal with major changes. Are all features going to disappear? I don’t think so, but a lot. When? It’s already underway and we’re in a phase where Ai is developing very quickly. Within 5 years, the world will look really different. No, no ghosts on my part. Just different, evolved and humans adapt. So far, we’ve always succeeded, so we’re doing that now.


What we do have to pay attention to is the speed at which this all goes.

Your job now consists of tasks that need to be performed. When you do this well, you do your job well. So many job are task-oriented and are about how you do things!

Within the next 5 years, your role will be fundamentally different.

The new way of working: from task based to instruction based

You will work much more instruction-oriented. Give instructions to your assistant who will do the work for you. It is important to know why you are giving the instruction. For what purpose do you give the instruction? If the task has been completed, why has it been completed?

About you

Now back to the personal level: Why do you do what you do? What’s your why? Now of course you can say that your future assistant can tell you this, but the question is do you want that? Do you want your personal mission to be defined by something that is artificial?

I want to decide for myself and you? If you want to decide for yourself, it is really time to be structurally and very consciously involved in changes.


With the results of CareerTracker, everyone gets to work on their personal mission, continuous development and adding value to the team and therefore the organization.

This is our WHY? Every person, every team, and every organization needs to be aware of the changes that are coming. Get moving now to stay relevant and to continue to achieve fantastic results together.

We do this by setting goals together, providing insight into the available and desired #vaardigheden so that targeted development action can be planned and setting up an effective and simple feedback process.

Me with support from Microsoft Copilot

This piece was written by myself and edited by Microsoft Copilot.

I really wanted to write this piece myself because it’s also about my why. I want to get people mentally moving so that we can continue to achieve fantastic results.

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These were the tips from Copilot

You have written an interesting and thoughtful text about the shift from task-oriented to instruction-oriented work with the advent of smart assistants. Here are some suggestions and notes:

  1. Clarity and Focus: The text starts with a strong statement about the role of smart assistants, but it can help to be more direct about how this shift affects the reader. Consider adding specific examples or scenarios where a smart assistant takes over tasks and how it changes the user’s daily routine.
  2. Language: The text is easy to read and the tone is appropriate. Keep an eye out for minor typos such as ‘nodg’, which should probably be ‘necessary’. Also, the sentence “And that includes the question Why?” can be clearer than “And with that comes the question, ‘Why?'”
  3. Structure: The paragraphs are well organized, but some sentences are quite long and can be split up for better readability. Bullet points or numbered lists can also help to highlight important points.
  4. Content Depth: You touch on important themes such as the personal and professional impact of AI. It would be interesting to delve deeper into the ethical considerations and how individuals can maintain control over their own decisions and goals in a world increasingly influenced by AI.
  5. Conclusion: The text ends with a powerful question that makes the reader think. This is a strong conclusion that invites the reader to actively participate in the conversation about technological change.

Overall, it’s a well-written piece that challenges the reader to think about the future of work and personal assistance. With a few minor adjustments, it can become even stronger. Good job!

I hope this text encourages you to start gaining new insights, gaining new knowledge and applying new skills. Every journey starts with the first step. Start small, stay flexible, and enjoy the journey!

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