From shareholder to stakeholder organisation

From shareholder to stakeholder organisation

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Where previously it was mainly about the shareholder, you see that the role of the employee is changing, so that the employee becomes much more an important stakeholder in the policy of the organisation. As a result, organizations change from shareholder to stakeholder oriented organisations.

Think, for example, of Netflix and Dave Chapelle or recently Heineken and the cessation of activities in Russia. The new generation wants to contribute to the organization and society. As an organization, do not be surprised by this movement because more than half of the employees leave due to insufficient involvement and focus. So how do you keep your employees engaged and productive with more happiness at work?

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New organizational forms

Organizations are the best environment in the world to help people realize their potential.
Much of the employee experience is not about reward, it is about opportunities, it is about persuasion, it is about impact, it is how and what story is told and how the professional can contribute because organizations don’t think, people think.

Today’s leaders are moving much more towards a network leader with shared leadership as an important competency. Shared leadership is about achieving the desired goals of the organization in a connecting way with people and parties inside and outside the organization. The question that is increasingly being asked is:

“Do you want all the knowledge in-house or do you want access to the desired knowledge?”

The answer is increasingly that the organization wants access to the desired knowledge and expertise.

Professionals increasingly want to contribute to the purpose and demand more control over the direction and strategy of the organization. Don’t be surprised by these changes.

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A new form that is becoming more common is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO. In this blog we take a closer look at the DAO.

Economic changes

Changes are underway in the labor market. The shortage on the labor market has become so high that in the second quarter of 2022 there was a shortage of personnel in all professions. This is apparent from the UWV Spanningsindicator van UWV.  In addition to the shortages in the labor market, another shift is underway and this relates to employment contracts.

Not only are we going through an economic cycle, the global economy has changed!

While routine work is increasingly being done by robots, non-routine work has exploded in numbers. In other words, automation didn’t eliminate work at all — it created new jobs, better jobs, and made our workforce now act in what we now call the “service economy.” In addition, you see that large organizations are increasingly turning to temporary employment contracts. At Google, META, Amazon, etc. you see that 40% of the workforce consists of flexible workers.

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