Why is reflection a good basis for growth?


Reflection is a crucial part of professional development because it allows js to think critically about your actions and experiences. By reflecting, you can learn from your experiences and increase self-awareness.

How do you reflect with CareerTracker?

You open a reflection created especially for you and make your progress visible.

After you have completed the reflection, you can complete it or share it with your manager.

Why share with your manager?

You have determined your course together with your manager and then it is smart to receive regular feedback so that you are not surprised during the 1 on 1 conversations. By pressing the share button, the manager receives the completed reflection. This makes it easy and quick for the manager to fill in the blanks to give structured feedback.

You open a reflection created especially for you and make your progress visible.

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Create engaged and motivated employees with the new interview cycle

The interview cycle is applied in every phase of the collaboration, i.e. inflow, throughput and outflow. Many organizations still work with the old set-up of the interview cycle with the annual planning interview, performance appraisal and appraisal interview.

Due to changes in the labor market and the new generation of employees, it is wise to analyze the current process and see if it can be improved.

Our advice is to reflect 1x a week (5 minutes), ask for feedback once a month (10 minutes) (fill in the form for the manager), 1x per quarter (number of minutes you determine) feedback and development interview.

The reflection is created automatically, the frequency is an advice because you determine your own rhythm.


In the new interview cycle, the 6x honors are important. It starts with clearly defining the expectations and based on the expectations you start talking to each other regularly.

During these conversations, both parties can ventilate  and identify in a timely manner and correct if necessary, so you can continue to inspire each other, and hold each other to the agreements, something to do with discipline. The latter sounds a bit heavy and yet this is a very important one because this new process must become part of the DNA of the organization and this means that the employee and manager must address each other if there is a deviation from the agreements made.

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