Our Partner program is for coaches in the field of Agile, HR and transformation as well as management consultants and technical partners who want to offer value added services to their clients.

Who are you? 

  • Consultants that understand the need of documenting engagement and cooperation
  • Consultants interested in making CareerTracker part of growing their business

How do we add value to each other?

  • Market awareness, sales, consulting, services, support

What’s in it for you?

  • 10% revenue share of the first-year license
  • An opportunity for extra consulting hours
  • Payment based on activated users

What can you expect of CareerTracker?

  • User friendly software to support your business
  • We help you onboard and get acquainted with CareerTracker
  • Partner Succes Manager

How can you become a partner?

  • Accepted partner agreement
  • Have a POC for the CareerTracker partnership
  • You’re willing to improve the CareerTracker software
  • Complete the application form