The new CareerTracker is live

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Benefits for the organisation

  • Building knowledge matrix
  • Personal, team and organizational goals
  • Reflections for feedback and communication
  • Training portal for central recording
  • Transparency and accountability

Building an organization’s knowledge matrix

By linking knowledge and expertise to the roles in the organization, a knowledge matrix can be built.

Creating roles is easy in the customer environment of CareerTracker.

With the outcome, an overall picture of the capabilities of the organization can be built up.

  • What knowledge and skills are necessary to support the strategy of the organization?
  • The right knowledge and skills sufficiently safeguarded in the organization?

With the insights that are generated, bottlenecks can be quickly traced and a quick and adequate response can be made.

  • In which area can organization-wide development projects be deployed?
  • Where are there still gaps on a personal level where growth is possible?

Personal, team and organizational goals

The biggest motivator is making progress in your own work. The times when professionals make progress are the days when they feel most motivated and engaged. It can be small successes or big ones, it doesn’t matter. The fact that success is achieved causes a biological reaction: more endorphins are produced and they cause a euphoric feeling.

Making the goals concrete ensures that successes can be achieved.

By letting the professional set goals himself, the accountability within the organization is increased.

Strategic plans are determined per year, team goals per quarter and the professional can keep track of his own development.

This is all easy to capture in the new release of CareerTracker.

OKR Score

Reflections for feedback and communication

Feedback is not a formal conversation that takes place occasionally, but an ongoing aspect of communication and collaboration. Reflections are automatically created so that the employee continuously works on his own development.

These reflections that can be shared by the manager/coach/people manager to support the 1:1 conversations.

In other words, Continuous Learning/ Continuous Development. This is also called a learning organization.

Education portal to keep track of bookings

Within the platform, 230 training partners and more than 55000 training courses can be shown.

If the organization works with preferred suppliers, only the trainers who are relevant to the organization are shown.

All training requests are captured and shared with the organization so that the approval process can also be honored here.

We also offer an overview of different MooC training courses.

MooC stands for Massive Open Online Courses which actually means FREE training. For example, Microsoft Learn.

All in all, a complete training portal to support the organization and the users.

Transparency and accountability

Transparency about expectations provides the right foundation within the organization. This transparency provides a good basis for the conversation between the professional and manager.

By making clear and measurable agreements with each other and recording these, a discussion can be held.

How is the progress and where can the organization provide support?

By validating the knowledge and skills, the organization builds a knowledge matrix of the capabilities.
Organizations become transparent by creating measurable roles and clarifying the objectives of the organisation, the team and the individual employee.

This ensures alignment with strategy, goals and capabilities.