Whitepaper:6 steps for a resilient organization

Whitepaper: 6 steps for a resilient organization

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In this whitepaper:6 steps for a resilient organization we describe 6 steps to achieve a resilient organization. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. One is a hype, the other causes substantial changes in the world. Just think of the Free Record Shop and Spotify. How do you ensure that the organization remains able to respond adequately to changes that have an impact on the organization? And where should you start? No worries. With these 6 steps you can be sure that the organization is resilient for the future.

Download our whitepaper: Towards a resilient organizaton in 6steps.

Whitepaper:6 steps for a resilient organization

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In this blog we will discuss the new employee of Generation Z, this is a generation that seeks balance in work and private life and that wants to contribute to a purpose.

As a result, the labor market is changing because long-term employment contracts are becoming less and less common as we have described in this article.

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We experience the cooperation with CareerTracker as very pleasant.

It is a new way of working for us, so good communication is important here.

You help both the field managers and the consultants with examples, tips & tricks and to safeguard our new HR cycle.

The feedback we provide is immediately picked up, followed up and you also keep us continuously informed of the progress.

At Didacticum, everyone is at the wheel of their own career and partly due to the use of CareerTracker, our colleagues are able to do this optimally.

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