Feedback: are you still on the right track?

The 3rd abstraction is feedback. We’ve talked about Goals and  Skills in previous blogs.

By turning ambition into goals, you make the invisible visible! Goals determine the course that will be sailed.

Skills ensure that the set goals can be achieved. Developing skills is an ongoing process.

Feedback ensures that you communicate together about progress and improves communication. Feedback makes it possible to make timely adjustments when the course is abandoned.

From CareerTracker we distinguish 4 feedback options:

  1. Self-reflection: giving conscious feedback on your own progress
  2. Manager feedback: targeted feedback from the manager via platform
  3. 360° feedback: relevant information from colleagues, customers and private
  4. 1:1 development meeting: determine the course together and from a holistic perspective

Self-reflection: giving conscious feedback on your own progress

Self-reflection is an essential step in personal and professional growth. It allows individuals to consciously assess and improve their own progress. This process starts with setting clear goals. Just like in the business context where goals set the course, setting personal goals helps us determine our direction.

By consciously giving feedback on your own progress, you can effectively steer and improve. This process provides structure for personal growth. It allows you to set your course, develop the necessary skills and continuously assess your progress, leading to growth and success.

Our advice is to do this 1x a week. To support our users, a new reflection is created every week by CareerTracker and personal growth can easily be recorded.

Our advice is to do this 1x a week. To support our users, a new reflection is automatically created every week and personal growth can easily be recorded.

Manager feedback: targeted feedback from the manager via platform

Manager feedback is a crucial part of employee professional development. Using CareerTracker, managers can provide targeted feedback to support the performance and growth of their team members.

CareerTracker provides structure for this process by integrating three key abstractions: goals, skills, and feedback. Managers can set goals together with their team to set the course. They can identify specific skills needed to achieve these goals.

The power of CareerTracker is really reflected in the feedback process. Managers can provide feedback in a structured way, which is valuable for the growth of their team members. These can be both positive acknowledgements and constructive suggestions. The system helps to map progress and ensure that the feedback is in line with the set goals.

Manager feedback via CareerTracker promotes employee engagement, motivates them to grow and contributes to a more productive work environment. It is a tool for managers to improve the performance of their team and support professional development.

Our advice is to  schedule a feedback moment 1x per month. With CareerTracker, the manager can easily provide feedback on the employee’s progress.

360° feedback: relevant information from colleagues, customers and private

360° feedback is a valuable tool for personal and professional development. It differs from traditional feedback in that it gathers input from all relevant sources, including colleagues, customers, and even the private sphere. This holistic approach provides a deeper understanding of one’s strengths and areas of development.

Colleagues can offer unique perspectives on how you’re performing within the team. They can provide insight into your communication style, collaboration and how you contribute to achieving common goals.

Customer feedback is invaluable for professionals in customer-facing industries. It reveals how well you meet customer needs and expectations, which impacts business success.

Private feedback from friends and family can help you understand how your work-life balance and personal traits affect your professional life.

360° feedback helps identify blind spots and opportunities for growth in all areas of your life. It is a powerful tool to create a holistic view of yourself and work on continuous improvement.

1:1 growth meeting: determine the course together and from a holistic perspective

A 1:1 growth meeting is a valuable opportunity for both employees and managers to determine the course of professional development, and that from a holistic perspective. This personal conversation is an opportunity to grow, set goals and take on challenges.

A holistic approach involves taking into account all relevant aspects of a person’s professional life. This includes short- and long-term goals, skills development, and personal growth. The conversation goes beyond performance and also involves factors such as work-life balance and well-being.

During this conversation, employees and managers can set out expectations and goals. Managers can listen to the needs of their employees and provide targeted advice to support their growth. This process encourages employee engagement and motivation.

A1:1 growth meeting is an opportunity to learn, grow and steer your career. It promotes open communication and empowerment, which ultimately contributes to a more productive and satisfied work environment. It is a valuable tool within organizations that focus on developing their employees.

Our advice is to  take time for each other 1x per quarter in a face 2 face meeting.

Your new Conversation Cycle


For organizations, it is important that there is a structured process to give and receive feedback. This process is also called the conversation cycle and preferably takes place at fixed times.

CareerTracker implements the new call cycle with its customers with a smart structure with valuable input, a very short lead time.


Through our blog we regularly publish new articles about innovations and developments that have an impact on the professional and organization: check out our blog page.

In this blog we will discuss the new employee of Generation Z, this is a generation that seeks balance in work and private life and that wants to contribute to a purpose.

As a result, the labor market is changing because long-term employment contracts are becoming less and less common as we have described in this article.

About CareerTracker

With the CareerTracker platform you are able to secure the right focus and skillset within the teams. By reflecting and securing feedback, the professional feels valued and involved, so that unwanted departure of talent can be prevented. This ensures that the daily operation can be secured in the organization.

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Customer review of Didacticum

We experience the cooperation with CareerTracker as very pleasant.

It is a new way of working for us, so good communication is important here.

You help both the field managers and the consultants with examples, tips & tricks and to safeguard our new HR cycle.

The feedback we provide is immediately picked up, followed up and you also keep us continuously informed of the progress.

At Didacticum, everyone is at the wheel of their own career and partly due to the use of CareerTracker, our colleagues are able to do this optimally.

Zeljko Bondzulic, Field Manager Didacticum